Surat Thani Historical Sites

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  • 18 April 2021
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Surat Thani Historical Sites

Surat Thani Historical Sites

Surat Thani Historical Sites: whose name means “City of Good People”, gains most of its visitors due to its close proximity to the islands of Thailand’s Gulf Coast. The seaside town itself has a few noteworthy landmarks to visit but its main attractions lie in the surrounding areas including tropical islands and a marine national park. If you happen to stop by en route to these islands, give Surat Thani a chance as this will probably be the last slice of “real Thailand” you will see until you return.

Sriwichai Hill

Sriwichai Hill or Phra Narai Hill is a historic site aged of more than 1,400 years, located on the left bank of the Phunphin canal. It is a hill of hard and compact soil of average height. On the plain at the edge of the mount, there used to be 2 hill rocks, which could assume that they were religious edifices for images to worship. The numbers of archaeological evidences for example ruin sites, sculpture pedestals, lingam (Hindu Phallic symbol), hill and on the plain area.

Location : Phunphin District

Ancient Hot Springs

Location : Chaiya District
Ancient Hot Springs there are two hot spring wells, which is the folklore Indian people in Srivijaya period enjoy this hot spring and use to as part of their religious practices. In this place considered as sacred water and in those days, the king at that period created a pool for bathing.

Location : Chaiya District

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