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All passengers are covered with travel insurance in the bus insurance policy. Passengers who did not purchase additional bus travel insurance will only be covered the amount per person within the bus’s insurance policy. Phantip (1970) Co.,Ltd. will not compensate for any additional losses or damages.For items insurances, Phantip (1970) Co., Ltd will only compensate a maximum of 500 Baht per baggage, if proven that damages or loses are due to the actions of our staff members.

If you notify Phantip (1970) Co.,Ltd or Phantip Travel regarding baggage or any items left in the bus and the staff has located the item(s) then the customer can set up a pickup time and location with our staff member. However, if the customer wishes their items to be sent to one of our Phantip (1970) Co.,Ltd. and/or Phantip Travel branches, we could accommodate to their needs; however, Phantip (1970) Co.,Ltd. and/or Phantip Travel will not be held accountable for any damages or losses during transportation. For returning items that are found, passengers must photocopy their passports or identification card and write a short report regarding where they boarded the bus and where they got off. If items are not located, Phantip (1970) Co.,Ltd. and Phantip Travel will not be held responsible as it is the responsibility of all customers to look after their belongings. As there are several other passengers traveling on the bus, our staffs will not be held responsible for lost items. Please do not leave any valuables unattended in the bus compartment. Phantip (1970) Co.,Ltd and Phantip Travel will not be held accountable. If items are lost or damaged due to staff members handling, Phantip (1970) Co., Ltd will only cover damages or lost items to up to 500 Baht per person with evidence and authorized report.

Not at all, but over-sized baggage or items such as surfboards, musical instruments, scooters, bicycles or motorcycles for instance must be notified to the driver if you book online, or at the counter to see whether or not over-sized baggage or items can properly fit into the vehicle. Extra payments could be incurred if these baggage or items need extra handling and care.

Illegal drugs, endangered animals, combustible liquids, flammable products, compressed gases, explosives, ammunition, firearms, fireworks, corpse, hazardous material or food items with strong order are not allowed in the bus or minivan compartments.

Generally, acceptable baggage includes – suitcases, backpacks, duffle bags, securely tied cardboard boxes and strollers.

NOT all tickets purchased from Phantip (1970) Co., Ltd or Phantip Travel website can be refunded. Customers who wish to cancel a service and ask for a refund must contact Phantip Travel AT LEAST 2 DAYS PRIOR to departure. Policies and criteria regarding any refunds must be according to what Phantip Travel follows. If any tickets have any prior payments or deposits for joint services or joint business, the customer must have to be responsible for the costs. Please contact Phantip Travel for more information for any information needed regarding refund policies.Phantip Travel is not liable for any refunds for tickets that are purchased from independent agencies, online travel agencies or partner ticketing office. Customers must contact the agency, online travel agency or partner ticketing office where they purchased the tickets for refunds.

With Phantip Travel you always have a seat, but if a customer purchased their ticket with an independent travel agency other than a Phantip (1970) Co.,Ltd. branch or via our website; and if the agency has not checked with Phantip (1970) Co.,Ltd. for seat vacancies prior to selling the ticket to the customer, Phantip (1970) Co.,Ltd. and Phantip Travel will not be held accountable for refunds or damages. The passenger must contact the agency they purchased the ticket from to ask for a refund or take a different service.

Phantip (1970) Co.,Ltd. is not liable for ferry or speedboat connection missed. There are several buses and bus companies that are joint with Phantip (1970) Co.,Ltd. Delays due to mechanical malfunction, traffic, passenger delays, accidents, train delays or airplane delays may occur and Phantip (1970) Co.,Ltd. is not liable for these damages.

Phantip (1970) Co.,Ltd. is not liable if buses are delayed or missed flights. Passengers can get a refund only, if, after investigation shows that it was Phantip (1970) Co.,Ltd. who caused the customers to miss their flight. However, if passengers missed their flight anywhere else besides Suratthani, Phantip (1970) Co.,Ltd. will not be held accountable for missed flights.

Phantip (1970) Co.,Ltd. is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen tickets. Passengers must purchase a new ticket if he or she has lost or have their ticket stolen. Customers who lost ferry or boat tickets must be responsible for their tickets at all times, Phantip (1970) Co., Ltd will not be responsible or liable at all circumstances. Once a customer checks in or receives at tickets, they may not receive any refunds.

Customers can change their travel date and time for nearly all bus tickets. If any customer wishes to change their travel time or date can contact our Phantip Travel staff via email 2 days prior to departure date. If a passenger changes their travel time or date, and that the following service is fully booked, Phantip (1970) Co.,Ltd. and/or Phantip Travel will not be held responsible for any circumstances. Extra fees may incur for certain routes and tickets, please contact our staff member for more details.

Besides buying tickets from our website, local branches or counters, there are several independent agencies that sell Phantip (1970) Co.,Ltd. tickets. Please note that prices may vary according to agency as they may include service charges, and that Phantip (1970) Co.,Ltd or Phantip Travel, will not refund any tickets that are bought from independent agencies. Other options are via our Facebook Page or Line Application and we accept only money transfers.

You can easily purchase our tickets via our website and pay online with PayPal or Credit Card and get instant confirmation. No Credit Card? No worries, you can purchase tickets from our Phantip (1970) Co.,Ltd. branches located in Suratthani Town in Kaset 1 Market, Phuket Bus Terminal 2, Koh Samui (Nathorn), Koh Samui (Chaweng Beach) or any of our other branches.

COVID-19 FAQ regarding bookings made on our website

Cancellation policies remain the same. However, if the tickets involve partnering transportation and they have not seized operations, the area are not on lockdown or the operator do not agree then cancellation will not be possible. However, we advice that postponing or changing travel dates is a better option.

If this happens we will contact you as soon as we possible. As the situation is being monitored on a daily basis and several provinces have their own policies immediate or emergency local policies may occur with our prior notice. However, you can still use that booking for the next available service.

We advice you to check Thailand Ministry of Health website or check local news on the city or province you will travel to. Another option is to contact us to check any updates before your travels. 

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